In-House Dental Lab

We Make, Repair, Reline or Rebase any Removable Prothesis’


In-House Dental Lab: Your Smile’s Swift Comeback

At Heath Springs Dental Associates, Our focus is restoring your smile efficiently and beautifully. Our onsite dental lab accelerates most denture procedures.


Embrace the advantages of having an in-house dental lab:

  • Increased convenience. Some lab cases can be completed while you wait.
  • Greater Flexibility in Treatment Planning. It allows us to present models and more visual representation of expected results during treatment proposal appointments.
  • High-Quality Technology: Our lab boasts state-of-the-art equipment for top-notch results.
  • Quicker Results: Say goodbye to prolonged waits
  • Expert Technicians: Skilled professionals handle your case  with the precision it deserves.

Are You Looking for an In-House Dental Lab?

Ensuring you enjoy a lasting, radiant smile is our priority. We are devoted to providing you and your family with the smiles you deserve. Connect with us today to kickstart the journey!

dental lab tech

Misty Rutledge has been a Heath Springs Dental Associates team member for 24 years and is a registered dental lab technician with the SCDA for 2 years. She specializes in removable prothesis repairs, cosmetic dentistry and implant procedures. This allows us to offer same day repairs while you wait in most cases. Dedication to patient care and convenience is a primary concern of hers.